Leamington Spa: Taxis Vs Mini Cabs

Though both taxis and mini cabs offer the service of private trips, there are distinct differences between them according to the municipality of the Royal Leamington Spa, check https://yourleamingtonspataxis.co.uk/.

* Taxis can charge fares only within the maximum limit set by the council. Mini cabs do not have any such fare restrictions

* Taxis need to display a yellow rectangular plate with vehicle details whereas mini cabs must display a white plate.

* Fixing fare meters are compulsory for taxis but it is optional for mini cabs

* A roof sign of “Taxi” is made mandatory for taxi services. Mini cabs are generally exempted from this rule.

Is Your Laser Hair Removal In Sydney RiskFree?

If you have decided to go for a laser method of hair removal in Sydney, make sure you ask these questions to safeguard yourself. For Nr 1 laser hair removal Sydney visit reemaslaserclinic.com.au

1. Is the service run by a medical doctor?
2. Is a doctor available during the procedure for assistance?
3. Who will perform the procedure?
4. Does the technician have proper licensing and training?
5. Is the technician experienced enough?
6. What areas of the body is the technician trained to work on?
7. Is the treatment suitable for my skin type?
8. I have a pre-existing medical condition. What complications will I face?
9. Do you test a small area before proceeding?

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